Friday, May 5, 2006

2 Days 2 Drives

Yes, its 2 days and 2 drives in my bike.. Its different destinations.. Nice xperince to write down..

Day1: It all started the previous night, my mobile beeped! Humm its scorcee.. He had pinged me, to ask if I could join the bike ride tomorrow to Anaikatti.. After a bit hesitation I accepted.. I asked him to wake me up the next day.. I decided to tell Dad, that I'm going to college. Since they would start to advice me for such long rides.. [who would like to hear advices in this age].. Its morning now.. Triiiing Triiing.. My mobile sings aloud.. But I'm asleep.. My Dad picked up the phone, and my beloved friend told my Dad "Uncle please wake up Vijesh, Since we are going for a ride today!" :-) he he he.. Then I informed them and started.. Its me, scorcee, shanku, vivek, vishnu & arvi..
Anaikatti is near TamilNadu Kerala border.. Some of the beatiful destinations to go for.. inclues the asharam of
Swami Sakshatkritananda.. The destination was not a place to be talked off.. Its just a small, stream that runs! Every ppl in its surroundings use it from washing to bathing.. But the one to be talked of is the drive that takes you to the destination.. Awesome road, if you love biking.. Nice long stretches, curves, turns, bushes on both sides of the road, mild climbs.. Lot more.. It was well maintained.. Or rather in good condition, since it was less used.. You find no vehicles, rarely a few that crosses once in a while.. A good place, on a less sunny day!

Day2: This was also a no planned trip.. Sri asked me if we could go to dhyanalingam.. Humm k.. We started off.. Myself, Gopal, Sri & Seethu.. Its on the foot hills of vellingiri.. Around 30kms from CBE.. This ride.. Both are worth mentioning, the place and the ride.. This road is still better than the previous.. This route is via perur thro the small towns and to velingiri forest judiciary! Calm and clean road and climate favored more for a drive! Pleasant in the later part of the day!

But the sad part of the trip was the meditation centre itself.. It lost the sole purpose, why it was constructed for.. Rather a peaceful meditation centre, it became a temple for all.. people started to pour in numbers in cars, vans, even lorry's and tourist buses! But the administration is taking all its efforts to keep it calm and clean.. One point to be mentioned it.. Irrespective of this much floating population visiting, the place and its surroundings is Clean :-).. Also during my previous visit 2 years back, the vehicles would be stopped way far from the centre! now they are allowed very near to the temple, rightly they pass thro near the entrance. Also construction work is been carried out in the temple premises.. So workers are roar their drills! All these make the place loud! :-( which makes us feel a nit disappointed when we return.. So better choose early mornings than late evenings!

Planning for my day 3 ride! 


The Pensieve said...

sema nature visits pola...hope you enjoy your holidays with many more such bike visits but for God's sake wear an helpmut alwyas and take care...My personal opinion is that such visits make you realise that there is lot more to life than the usual daily grind in our life

SushMira said...

hey good post!!travelling is fun ..esp..riding bike!i love it..enjoy but be safe..

Sathyaprakash Dhanabal said...

Really nice, since i too love these kind of rides.

can u give me some details regarding anaikatti.

If u have time, visit aaliyar dam & monkey falls. Its near to pollachi and visit Vethathiri Maharishi Ashram also.