Monday, October 10, 2005

Queen of Hills! Explored one of its kind!

I cannot write more about this trip...
But could share some photos. May be we will climb them again soon!

Let me introduce them first from left: Ragu, Myself, Sri, Sethu(standing). Its the pine trees behind ragu's house. Great place to hang out. At the foot of the Hill is the grassland. Crossing several pine hills lead to the 6th mile.

This seems to be a nice nature photography from here. But after travelling that FOG it was scary! Have a look at the time 16:50.
It cant get worse than this! Look @ the time 17:50. See the visibility percentage. Bad it was. We came down to the foot of the hill only using certain red danger lights that were before us. Click on the image and look closer @ the comments! :(

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